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Ronan Pensec is one of the most renowned cyclists of the 80s. He is from the western tip of Brittany, a region with a huge passion for cycling. He left his mark as one of the best riders of his generation.

He became a professional in 1985 with the famous Peugeot team. His talent for stage-races led him to a 6th place finish in the 1986 Tour de France and a 7th place finish in the 1988 Tour. Ronan Pensec continued his career, still under Roger Legeay’s guidance, on the Z team with Greg LeMond as his leader, who later became one of his best friends in the peloton.

One of his most glorious moments was to wear the Tour de France’s prestigious yellow jersey in 1990. After 13 years, he ended his career as professional rider in 1997.

Driven by his desire to remain involved in the development of cycling, he has never lost connection with his favorite sport. He organized several mass-participation and semi competitive cycling events.  He had started a cycling event in 1993 called “Ronan Pensec”. This event brought 1,400 participants each year during 15 years. It was both a cycling and a humanitarian event: the entry fee that each participant paid was donated to fight against AIDS. The operation financially contributed to several foundations to support the research against AIDS; to find treatment options for those diagnosed with AIDS, and to educate young high school students. Ronan Pensec has donated € 350,000 to various associations that fight against AIDS.

Since 1997, he has also been working as a France Television consultant for all the big cycling events broadcasted in the television. His job as a consultant is very unique in the world of sports’ television because he consults with the producer and gives him tactical advice on what live images he should select.

He helps TV channels to get the best images possible to broadcast internationally. Among several cycling events the most well-known event he is working with is the Tour de France.

In 2003, he started his own travel agency to offer cycling related programs. His goal is to make it possible for cycling enthusiasts to make their most precious dream come true: to be a spectator and a participant of the greatest cycling race in the world. One week to live your passion, to its full potential by being one of the few privileged cyclists who will discover the race from the inside. Today, cycling fans can choose from several different cycling packages offered by Ronan Pensec Travel.

His experience with the Tour de France – eight times as a rider and eighteen times as a television consultant – means that he does not only know the race perfectly but he also knows the people involved in it.

His mission is to put his unique and wide knowledge to the service of RONAN PENSEC TRAVEL and offer a perfect tour experience to his participants.